The Confederation Line is the largest and most important city infrastructure project in the history of the City of Ottawa. As of October 2018, over $1 billion in contracts were awarded to local suppliers for the building of Stage 1. Over 500 local vendors were involved throughout construction.

Over the five-year construction period, the Confederation Line generated more than 3,200 person-years of trades’ employment in Ottawa.

Expertise in mass transit control systems and communications has also required highly skilled technical staff resulting in an additional 700 person-years of employment in Ottawa.

Notably, various cross-sectional industries and numerous local suppliers have also been positively impacted by construction on the Confederation Line, including fleet, tunnel safety equipment, office suppliers, concrete and construction companies, to name a few. Approximately 100 people have been hired to assemble the vehicles at Belfast Yard in the east end of the city.

The Confederation Line has also helped invigorate Ottawa’s wider economy through the creation of many new spin-off jobs. More than 20,000 person-years of direct and indirect employment has been generated as a result of the LRT investment.

Today, we employ more than 200 people for the maintenance of the Confederation Line.

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