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Key Systems

Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) System
SelTrac™ CBTC is the Confederation Line’s state of the art railway traffic control system that is used to optimize system capacity on the railway. This is achieved by continuously monitoring the location, speed and direction of all trains operating on the guideway to reduce the time interval between them.

SelTrac™ CBTC can control the behavior of the train at all times. It makes use of the telecommunication between the Confederation Line’s trains and track equipment for safe and efficient railway traffic management.

Control Centre Function
Manages the overall CBTC system and is responsible for Automatic Train Supervision.

Communication System
Location: A radio-based communication system with infrastructure imbedded in the train cabs, guideway, stations, and Belfast Yard.
Function: Provides a network between the train and all sub-systems allowing them to communicate.

On-board Controller
Location: The train cab.
Function: Supervises the speed and automatically controls the train.

Location: Intervals along the track.
Function: Antenna “reads” tags to establish the train’s position.

Citadis Spirit Trains

The Citadis Spirit is part of Alstom’s proven, Citadis light rail vehicle platform. More than 2,600 Alstom Citadis light rail vehicles have been ordered by more than 50 cities in 20 countries and since 2000, more than 2,300 are in service. Over 10 billion passengers globally are transported on Citadis light rail vehicles, including over 4 million per day.

The Citadis Spirit is manufactured in Ontario and maintained in Ottawa, providing long-term skilled jobs for the city of Ottawa. The Citadis Spirit is North America’s only 100% low-floor light rail vehicle, ensuring both accessibility and on-board passenger circulation, including passengers those with reduced mobility. The Citadis Spirit provides both urban service within and suburban service to and from the Ottawa city core, is capable of reaching up to 100 km/h and has a capacity to carry more than 600 passengers per train.

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