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Report of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Public Inquiry

OTTAWA, November 30, 2022

We thank the Commissioner and his team for their work on this important undertaking, and for the recommendations the Commissioner has put forward. We acknowledge that all parties, including RTG and its subcontractors, have work to do to restore the public’s confidence in the city’s light rail system. That work starts with a renewed commitment to working together on a path forward in the spirit of partnership required of all of us.

We look forward to working with Mayor Sutcliffe, the new city council and with city staff on addressing the issues raised throughout the process and on strengthening our collaboration with all our partners to deliver on our shared goal of providing the people of Ottawa with a safe, reliable transit system.

We have listened, engaged in, and taken this process very seriously. We know that Ottawa’s LRT is important to the community – connecting people to their friends, families, jobs and activities. We would like to reiterate our commitment to continue to improve the safety and reliability of Ottawa’s LRT, for the benefit of Ottawans.

ACS Infrastructure Canada
SNC Lavalin