Confederation Line LRT Revenue Service 1st Anniversary | Rideau Transit Group

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA, September 17, 2020 – It has been one year since the Confederation Line officially launched revenue service, providing Ottawa residents with a safe, sustainable mode of transit in the Nation’s Capital.

No question, handing over a new, state of the art LRT system to Ottawa commuters was a major milestone for the city and Rideau Transit Group (RTG).

And rightly so!  Riders were anxious and excited to experience light rail — 12.5 kilometres of track, 13 stations and the 34 light rail vehicles connecting the heart of the Nation’s Capital.

“As with most new transit systems, we experienced our fair share of unique challenges in the first year of operation. We wish it could have gone a lot smoother and we empathize with commuters.  But a year later, service continues to improve,” says Nicolas Truchon, RTG’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Reflecting on the comments made at yesterday’s Transit Commission meeting, we’re happy to receive favourable recognition by OC Transpo and the City of Ottawa for the considerable efforts’ that Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) has taken over the past months to improve the service. In turn, our promise remains to never stop improving the system.

“Working closely with the City these past few months, I am glad that we are moving in the right direction. My team has demonstrated their determination to work above and beyond to improve our level of service,” says Mario Guerra, new Chief Executive of RTM.

“As we head into the next year of LRT service, RTG and RTM remain firmly committed to rigorously addressing any issues,” says Mr Truchon.

We want Ottawa commuters to enjoy the LRT experience they patiently waited for and quite rightly deserve!


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